Worldwide Partners

Being a WPA Member opens the door to a world of opportunities. Gain exclusive access to a global network of members, expanding your reach and paving the way for limitless business possibilities on a global scale.

Global Support

With WPA, our members not only tap into a wealth of expertise and global insights from our team, but also find the collaborative support they need to evolve into a truly global courier company.

Financial Protection

WPA Members benefit from financial security, with up to $25,000 in Member-to-Member protection in case of non-payment. This financial protection empowers our members to engage in business transactions worldwide with confidence and peace of mind when dealing with other registered member offices.

Regional & Annual Networking Meetings

As a proud member of WPA, you have the privilege of participating in our various Regional and Annual Networking Meetings. These gatherings offer immense value to our members, opening doors to fresh business prospects and potential partnerships. We strongly urge our members to take part in these events, and to enhance accessibility for all, we make it a priority to host them in the U.S.

Software Solutions for Network Connectivity

Coming soon..

World Insurance Services

We provide comprehensive coverage for small parcel courier shipments designed to help the courier save money on insurance through competitive pricing and unmatched coverage. Through leading insurers and underwriters, World Insurance Services can help customize insurance solutions to fit the needs of all companies, large or small, at prices that are not generally available on the open market.

Parcel Pay

Parcel Pay is the industry's exclusive company-to-company payment transaction platform with zero fees. Many of our members benefit from substantial annual savings by eliminating banking charges. Parcel Pay is a fully online service, enabling members to instantly send and receive payments from their global partners.

Thanks to its cutting-edge online software, Members can effortlessly manage their accounts payable and receivable, significantly reducing bank transfer expenses and bolstering profit margins on every transaction. The security of our members is our outmost priority and through Parcel Pay you can rest assure that your financial transaction is completely secure, providing a seamless and efficient way to handle business finances.

Parcel Pay is included in your membership to all WPA-registered companies. It's straightforward to set up, offers complete transparency, and has become the preferred payment method for the majority of WPA members, resulting in remarkable cost savings.

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