PasarEx S.A.S.
, Bogota, Colombia
(Bogota, Head Office)
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PasarEx, Reliable Logistics for Last Mile and Express Transportation in Colombia. Pasar Express was founded in 1993. For 22 years, the company successfully represented the most important international express transportation operators. Building on the accumulated experience and earned prestige, in 2017, the company made the strategic decision to launch its own brand, "PasarEx". The aim was to provide international express transportation services, air cargo, parcel and document services, and last-mile services for both international and domestic e-commerce platforms." With personalized attention, last generation technological tools, committed delivery times, and global coverage, PasarEx addresses the needs of export and import companies seeking to optimize their dispatch, transportation, receipt, and distribution processes, with the goal to ensure the greatest benefits in terms of cost, time, and efficiency. PasarEx has functional facilities strategically located in the primary zone of Eldorado International Airport. These facilities are equipped with the most modern operational and tracking systems, allowing the company to achieve high standards of efficiency, compliance, and coverage throughout the country. For its commercial operations, PasarEx also benefits from the services offered by two subsidiary companies, forming “Grupo Pasar”, an organization focused on providing comprehensive logistics solutions for international trade. Based on the strengths, resources, and characteristics mentioned, PasarEx has consolidated a value proposition that includes the following services: • International Express: Door-to-door express transportation with committed transit times for import/export documents, parcels, and cargo. • Air Cargo: Export and import of packages and cargo worldwide, known for handling special shipments at competitive prices. • Multimodal from China: Combined transportation, ocean – ground – air, from China to Colombia, with committed transit times and competitive rates. • Domestic and International Last Mile: Logistics distribution for e-commerce platforms. This service represents the latest development for PasarEx, with significant investments and improvements, including the following features and advantages: • Reduced transit times with deliveries in 24, 48, and 72 hours. • Competitive rates. • Customs Clearance services. • Facilities in the primary zone of Eldorado Airport with the latest technology equipment and extensive operational areas that allow vehicle loading and unloading within the same premises. • Nationwide coverage. • Online tracking system with the option to integrate with customer systems. • Service level above 98% in scanning speed and transit times. • Capacity to handle up to 50,000 shipments per day. • Option to handle customs clearance and last-mile operations in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador through local partnerships. PasarEx has based its growth and consolidation on an organizational approach of continuous adaptation to market demands, providing fast personalized responses to its client’s requirements, and employing cutting-edge technology in its operational and commercial processes. Thanks to the quality of its services and the experience gained in managing highly complex logistics projects for major world-class companies, PasarEx has built a broad customer base of over 3,000 clients and is recognized as one of the most efficient and reliable service providers in the Colombian logistics market.
Avenida El dorado # 103-09, entrada 14
Edificio CISA, 2ndo piso
Bogotá - Colombia

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+57 601 291 6500
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